About us

About us

BAEKINI SWIMWEAR is a Canadian company inspired by the latest trends and a true embodied lifestyle. This brand’s bikinis were created in order to offer modern women the confidence and ease they should feel near a beach. Sexy, but above all comfortable, these collections were created with the hope that the spirit of simplicity and style provided by these shirts will make you appreciate every opportunity to wear a bikini even more. 

TOPS: All BEAKINI SWIMWEAR tops have been designed to meet a need of comfort. This is the reason there are no attachments in the back or around the neck. Rather, there are broad, stretchable bands of fabric tackling your back. The aim of this design is to eliminate any discomfort you may feel in your activities while preserving a truly elegant look.

BOTTOMS: All BEAKINI SWIMWEAR bottoms have been designed to be of higher waists in order to embrace the ease and sexy side of the "cheeky" panties.

It is no secret that having good wardrobe basics is having everything. When buying BAEKINI SWIMWEAR, you make sure you have everything regarding bikinis. Each piece of the collection is interchangeable regarding style and color. Therefore, no headaches when everything is matched!

So ladies, hang out by the beach or by the pool; go on excursions or travels, but make sure not to forget your essential BEAKINI SWIMWEAR.

"May you feel beautiful and elegant wearing Baekini"